Born and raised in Indiana, I spent most of my childhood days at the campground, sitting around the campfire, hiking through the woods and making new friends. It was during that time I developed a love for the gift God gave us - nature. Moonlit skies and wildlife are my favorite!


As a Jewelry Design Artist from Fishers, Indiana, I use personal experiences and my love for abstract art as my inspiration when designing each piece. Combining my professional training along with my natural desire to seek and learn new techniques, I am a constant student of my craft. I use natural materials including Sterling and fine silver, copper, bronze, leather and semi-precious stones. Without the use of molds, I handcraft each design using various traditional and non-traditional metal smithing techniques to ensure that each design is unique and original. Patina is often applied as the finishing touch to enhance depth and character. 


I strive to create designs that unite one's femininity and masculinity into one harmonious state - nature and man blended into perfect harmony just as God intended. Each design is of the utmost quality, providing my customers with wearable art that lasts a lifetime.

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